Morality: Pregnancy and Baby Essay

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Morality Morals are something that is instilled within us when we are young. They are brought to us by our family, our friends, our teacher, and the environment we live in. They are different from person and they are different from situation to situation. A moral decision can be obvious or it can be difficult. Because morals are so various, it causes problems between peoples that can lead to more than verbal fights and turn into fist fights. For example, the topic of abortion comes to my mind first because it is such a rough subject, however, a subject that needs to be settled. My first impression of abortion is that it is wrong to take a life. A baby has a right to life just as much as anyone else does. Abortion can also be disturbing; there is one method where the doctor has the whole baby outside the woman’s body except for the head. During this process he then stabs the back of the baby in the neck. For me I could not handle that if I was a parent, killing a baby is murder to me. In school we watch a movie and we discussed a situation where that a baby that was killed could have been the person that cures cancer, or ends poverty. However, these problems may never be solved because we took that life away. Also, some people who have an abortion have them for selfish reason. For example, teens who have abortion in my opinion are selfish. They have premarital sex because most of them believe that they are in love with their partners. I believe that if they are responsible enough to have sex with the partner they love, they should be able to support and love the baby that is a part of both of them. Rather than getting an abortion there are other options they should be discussed. For example, adoption should be the first thought that goes through their mind. There are many families that would love to have a baby however they are unable to because of medical reasons or they could not want to go through pregnancy because of their job. Another alternative is to see if they could actually raise the baby with the help of family and friends. In many cases the parents can raise the baby however, they don’t think they can. Although I don’t approve of abortion, but