Motorola Swot Essay

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Motorola Inc.

Company overview:
Motorola is a leading provider of wireless communication devices, Enterprise mobility solutions and end-to-end broadband systems for homes. The Fortune 100 Company is based in Schaumburg, Illinois.
Apart from being known for their innovation and R&D facilities their robust manufacturing capabilities have made a mark in the world’s tech arena.
It has a strong global presence with centers in over 70 countries and is named as one of America’s Most Admired Companies by the fortune magazine.
The major chunk of its business is the mobile services segment, raking in over 52% of its net sales. Although USA is its largest market about 65% of the segment’s sales are outside the US.
Its endless list of
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In the near future the world will have about 3.5 billion users, that’s about half the population of the world! From this share China and India alone would have more than a billion users. These are huge opportunities for Motorola.

The latest technology in wireless communication WiMax is yet to be explored and Motorola is all set to provide WiMax related equipment to vendors. They are one of the first movers and have invested heavily in the development of this technology.
Its partnership with Sprint-Nextel can prove to be a brutal force for the upcoming WiMax markets.

American Broadband Markets:
Motorola is leaders in this segment in North America and can aim to penetrate deeper.


Threat from Nokia in the US markets:
Currently Motorola is the largest seller of mobile handsets in the United States with a market share of more than double of its nearest rivals including Nokia, LG and Samsung.
However, on the world map Nokia holds 40% of the market share, way bigger than any other handset company on earth, but they haven’t been able to make an impact in the US. Now things are changing, so far Nokia has done almost no U.S. consumer marketing and has not done a great job courting U.S. carriers, but according to company President Mark Louison suggests that both will change in 2008.It can sense Motorola’s weakness and will try to exploit it in every way it can. Nokia