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You are a successful Human Resources manager who works for Adecco. Last week, three of your clients came to your office with the following problems:

The first client was Beatrice Jutel, Bea´s Bloomsbury owner, a famous bakery established in Bloomsbury in 2008. Famous for its afternoon tea concept and cupcakes, this unique place urgently needs one pastry-chef who provides the sweet lovers all they need. (

The second client was Peter Jones, Lyca Mobile HR assistant, a mobile phone virtual network. He seemed quite nervous because he is looking for a French and Spanish speaking customer service advisor to starts working in the company as soon as possible. (

The third client was Mohammed Khan, Volkswagen HR manager, who is looking for a technician to join the team in December. (

You have a really busy day and you will be able to help just one of them. Good luck!

ACTIVITY 6 (orange level = merit)
Produce an appropriate and detailed job description and a person specification for one of the jobs described above. Justify why the documents will encourage effective recruitment.

Creating a YouTube account
The first step is to give your personal information this includes your name, email and it is optional to give your phone number, but it is best to give your phone number as in order to verify you they will need evidence which does required your phone number.

The next step requires you to verify your email address and in order to do this all you have to do is go to your email account and there will be a message from YouTube that you will receive. Once you open up the message there will be a link below that you have to click and when you have done this your email will be verified.

After you have verified your email address your YouTube account will be complete and you will be able to do whatever you want with your account. You can subscribe to other channels getting update on their latest videos and you will also get a collection of recommended videos and channels, for which best suite you consider keeping a record of the recent videos you have watched. Also, you are able to upload videos on your account and feedback on other people’s videos.

Explain the Impact that file format, image resolution and colour depth has on file size and image quality:
Common file formats and compression techniques:
The most common file formats are JPG (Joint Photographic Group), GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), TIFF (Tagged Image File) and BMP (Bit-Mapped). The compression techniques which are used for each of these file formats is:
JPG – JPG files can be used saved at various quality settings that are measured as a percentage of the original quality, the lower the quality is of the percentage the higher the compression rate is. JPG has a maximum colour of 256.
GIF – GIF is able to support a maximum of 256 colours and it is also possible to alter the background colours of a GIF image to be able to make it transparent. The lower the colours you use the smaller the file size, but the higher the file size you use the larger the file size is. When GIF is saved as JPG it is at a 30% quality setting, the image saved is fuzzy also dull and when the file size is kb the image is bigger in file size.
TIFF – TIFF is able to be compressed so that you can reduce the file size, whilst you still maintain a high degree of image detail, and TIFF can also be saved without compression retain the 100% of the original image which was taken.
BMP – BMP images require a lot of storage as the file size of the images is very large, they are not suitable for Macintosh PC’S/the web. BMP is an appropriate file format for Window users and it is also used for general storage purposes.
File Format & Compression Techniques
File Formats:
Image size

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