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Many cultures have made their way to the United States. However, when something new or someone new comes to a different country, they may not be accepted completely. They are given stereotypes, some good and some bad, defining their culture by only their appearance. Sometimes they are even discriminated against for being different then the norm. A couple of the main cultures that came here are African-Americans, Irish, Chinese, and Cubans. Even in modern times, these cultures are not fully accepted in our American lifestyles. African-Americans have been discriminated against since slavery times about one hundred years ago. Although we have had major changes I society since then they are not fully accepted to this day even though laws have changed. Back in the 60’s, blacks could not have the same rights as white people. Blacks were segregated during these times and had many restrictions in public. They had different restaurants, bathrooms, and even water fountains. A typical stereotype that was given to them was the fact that they couldn’t possibly be as smart as Caucasians. In the movie, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, Joey’s parents, her father in particular, had a background check done on Dr. John Prentice assuming that he had some kind of criminal record. However, to their surprise, he was a doctor with many noble titles under his name. However, even though African-Americans were given the most grief, they stuck to their culture and did not assimilate. They are able to dwell amongst white people without being harassed but they still believe in their culture. Plus, due to their skin color, they will always stand out in the crowd. Some typical stereotypes that were given to African-Americans in the 19th century were that the women were out to steal the white man from the white females. That all blacks have big lips and noticeably bigger sex organs. Another long lasting stereotype of African-Americans that I still see to this day is them eating watermelon and fried chicken. Eventually, around the civil rights time period is when you see black men and women starting to gain some sort of power and are somewhat equal to white folk. You had civil rights activist like Martin Luther King Jr. having a nonviolent approach to making blacks equal to whites. But then you had the more aggressive approach of the Black Power movement, an exclusively black group, led by Malcolm X to show their want for equality. As soon as the Irish moved to America from Ireland, they were immediately shunned, not only by the English but also by the WASPS. The major reason was because they were Catholics. Protestants hated the Catholics. The big difference was the fact that the Catholics (Irish) believed that the bread and wine the priest raised changes in the Blood and Body of Jesus Christ or transubstantiation. The WASPS also believed that the Irish were violent human beings. The Irish would go into boxing because they needed the money to send back home to Ireland for their families. Also they believed that they were drunks and lived a pub-culture life of always being in a bar. Since Americans didn’t drink alcohol from the 1850’s to the 60’s, the drunken Irish men and woman were looked down upon even more. In Gangs of New York, many of the scenes were based in a bar setting where the Irish were frequent visitors, one of the bars being owned by a nativists, Bill “the butcher”. The discrimination against them mostly took place in the work environment. Their jobs were the lowest paying jobs and they were very unstable. Most jobs only lasted them a day whether it be in a mill, a factory, or in the mines. For women, they had it a little easier. Their jobs were more domestic, being housemaids or a nanny. They sometimes made more money than the men. However, most of the Irish women were put into prostitution as soon as they got off the boat. In the end, they still made a lot of money. In more modern times, the Irish have not fully assimilated into America,