Reaction Paper

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Reflection Paper

Juli J. McFarland
Liberty University
May 22, 2014

This paper will summarize ideas learned while reading chapter 10 of “Christian Counseling Ethics” written by Randolph Sanders. It will discuss care for clients wrestling with homosexual preference. It will also discuss care for clients trying to find their sexuality. The paper will discuss disputes and ethical issues for working with sexual minority clients. It will also discuss embracing multicultural concepts when working with sexually minority clients. It will discuss the importance of informed consent when working with sexually minority clients. It will also discuss the referral process when working with clients. Then the author will discuss what the
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You can learn from the client and they can learn from you. However, if those differences interfere with the clients overall health and treatment then you should consider referring them to a clinician that can better serve them.
Christian’s clinicians need to build their competence in working with sexual minorities. Clinicians need to comprehend the multicultural differences in beliefs between the counselor and client. .” (Sanders, R. K. 2013) They need to be understanding in dealing with different beliefs. They need to know the current research studies and treatment options related to sexual minority clients. Christian clinicians should focus on the well being of their client in all areas of their life.
This chapter gave me new insight on counseling sexual minority clients. As a counselor in training, I never wanted to approach this topic. I did not want a client that was confused about their sexual orientation because I did not know how to handle it. This chapter taught me how to treat a sexual minority client. It also taught me how to be multicultural without compromising my morals. (Sanders, R. K. 2013) I can respect our differences while embracing our similarities.
A few days after reading this chapter, I had a homosexual friend come to me for relationship advice. I learned that sexual minority clients struggle with the same problems we do. This person was not looking for judgment. They were looking for a multicultural