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Michael had a typical life, he was twenty-four years old, lived in a small home with grass freshly cut every week in San Francisco, California, and had a job at an outlet mall. He was also married to a woman named Lisa and they had two beautiful twin girls. The girls’ names were Kylee and Rylee and they were fourteen months old with curly black hair. His life was perfect until his mother started doing drugs again. He never wanted her to be around his children because he believed that she was a bad influence on them. One day Marie, Michael’s mother, came to his house unexpectedly. That was the day it all started, when all of the chaos began.
Michael, a twenty-four year old maloved his mother, mostly because she was the one who gave birth to him, although she didn’t raise him. However, when she walked in, Diego said, “Ma, I told you not to come here, why did you?” She replied with, “Mijo, I wanted to see the babies, that is all.” He then explained to her, for the one hundredth time it seemed, how she couldn’t be there and needed to leave. She started to cry and yelled at him, telling him how he was horrible and an ungrateful son. She kept blabbering on until he slammed the door in her face and she left. As Karee was walking home that night, she felt like she was being followed. She started to worry and began to start walking faster. It turned out that she actually was being followed and it was by Fronzo, a drug dealer. Fronzo was following her because she owed him