my dads shoe Essay

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when I was 18, and after 2 years of helping my parent to take care of my grandmother, she passed away, couple a days after her funeral we decided that it was time to clean her room.
Finally it was time for me to discover what was in the most guarded armoires in that house, I clearly remember that it was a bittersweet moment, sweet because finally, after so many year of wondering what was inside and why they were locked all the time, and bitter because I was about to touch such a precious possessions without her, but she was definitely in every corner of the room, her smell was so impregnated In every item.
While pulling al kind of things out, suddenly I see a clear plastic bag with a picture;
I took the bag and inside was my dads picture and his first pair of shoes; they were little white silk shoes that we believed that he was wearing while getting baptized. Since that day, I made them one of my most precious possessions.
They were the first pair of shoes that my super heroe, the wonderful man that I call “PAPITO”, wore. That day it made me realize there was a time he was a fragile baby, and not what he was now my father, my protector, the one I could come with all my problems.
About 20 years ago I took the pair of little white shoe to JC Penney to be dipped in
Bronze , and now they are display in my living room next to my dad’s picture when he was at his