My First Day Back Essay

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Ahmed Mohamed
Professor Carolyn Clark
English 101
24 February 2015
My first Day Back It was just a regular day in southern california, sunny with no cloud in sight for miles. To everyone it was just another wednesday and they were all waiting for the weekend but for me it the first day I could basketball again. I haven't played in a year because I damaged the arch of my foot and I lost all of my potential scholarships but today was the day I came back. I showed up to the park around 4 o'clock thinking that nobody would be there so I practice by my self, but I was wrong. There was a kid doing drills with his dad and in that moment I remembered doing the same thing with my dad and in that moment I suddenly remember playing with my dad.
My dad would always pick me up everyday from the bus stop and take me home to do my homework so we could go to the park to do drills. My dad was a man who loved sports and to compete even he wasn't even the person competing. My father wanted all of his children to play because he thought we would learn all of lifes lesson through sports. He believed sports gave you the discipline and understand you to be successful in life. Although my father never played sports, he understood what it took to be a successful athlete. He coached and pushed my older brother to be an all­state football player who attended Mater Dei High School. My father’s training method was being in your face all the time and constantly telling you that you could better. To my father, me and my older brother we are the same except that I am never be as successful. My dad asked me when I was in fourth grade what sport do you like. I told him I love basketball and that I want to play in college. The next day he bought me shoes, ball and took me to the park. From that day, my father took me to the park monday through sunday doing drills and sprint for three hours. I did that for two years and when I was in sixth grade my dad signed me up for NJBL, National Junior Basketball Junior, and became my biggest critic. Even though I had practice everyday for two hours, I still had to go the park and practice with my dad. As I started to play better than kids my age my dad would take me to mile square park and make me play with grown men who didn’t care if I was able to keep up with them. I would play for three hours and get coached by guys who were playing with me.


Today I appreciate what my dad made me do. Im happy with my results. I did not understand what my dad wanted me to become but now I understand and I’m thankful.
Although, I disagree with his method because I actually hated basketball, my dad and older brother because of his coaching method. Today i would tell my dad to push my little brother as hard as he pushed me and my older brother but remember to give him a break. Looking back today, I realize that i learned all of life lesson of the game that I was hated with every bone in my body but the most important lesson I learned is that sometimes you have to do things that you might not understand