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My Hero stated that, a hero is a person who is of distinguished courage or ability, admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities or a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal. The little things you do could make a huge difference for somebody else. When someone is being bullied but is too scared to tell an adult, instead of being a bystander you can tell an adult and help that person in way you would never imagine, sometimes even save a life. You could help an elderly person cross the street, little things like that make you look like a hero in the eyes of others.
Everybody has a hero, my hero is my mom, and she does things for me that am incredible. I was reminded of my mom’s heroism in the Watsons go to Birmingham, when Kenny is sitting in the car with his dad and he asks his father why is Byron going to Birmingham to stay with his grandmother Mr. Watson's starts talking to Kenny like he is an adult and he treats Kenny like is important person at the moment. That reminded me how my mom talks to me like an adult at serious times sometime just to talk to me like an adult so I know how it feels, she also talks to me like an adult when I make her angry. Also in the Watsons go to Birmingham , Kenny , Byron, and Joetta are going swimming ,their grandmother tells them not to go to Collier’s landing because of the many lives lost there that were taken by the “wool pooh “ but Kenny disobeys his grandma’s instruction and goes anyway . In the process of going to collier landing he almost loses his life but Byron comes before the “wool pooh” has the chance to take his life. That right there shows just how my mom would save my life if it would come down to that, even though she would be disappointed that I disobeyed her directions. There was an time where I wasn’t allowed on the treadmill and I went on the treadmill anyway and I fell down on to the treadmill while it was going at an fat pace and scraped the side of my face, when I did my mom yelled at me for not listening but she still helped me clean up my face and she told me she loved and not to go against her wishes again.
In the article” The Letter’ A”, the little boy Chris had cerebral palsy which took control of his body to where he couldn’t have an control any part of his body except his left foot . One day Chris was sitting in his living room with his family watching him struggle, strain and sweat, he was using all the power he could muster up to right the letter A with his foot. He kept stopping and having a hard time but his mom encourages him to continue whispering inspirational things to help to keep him going he kept trying and trying and he didn’t stop tell his met his goal. When he finally spelled the letter A, his whole family rejoiced in happiness and his dad picked him up whit joy, whole his mother was crying tears of joy. His father carried him all the way to a bar to celebrate his accomplishment. In this story I had a great connection to it because it just the way my mom is with me. My mom noticed how hard it was for me during track season and she was in track so she gave me helpful tips also she encouraged me to keep going because there were days where I just wanted to quit cause I couldn’t take it anymore but she pushed me to carry on. I was at the school championship she praised me and told me to focus and not fool around and that’s how I got second place in the championship, She took me out to eat to show how proud she was of me. That accomplishment was one of the biggest of my life ,and the fact that I wanted to give up so much shocks me because I came out with a great success that I couldn’t have without my mom telling me not to give up and to persevere.
There are heroes everywhere that help with the littlest of things to making a huge difference in someone’s life. You can help a kid learn to tie his shoes; you can help kids in need that are