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Luigi Malpartida
Mrs. Greene
University 101
02 September 2014
My Impact Paper After living on campus for two weeks, I feel like I can already call USC my home. The teachers, students, and other campus officials make you feel welcomed and a part of the USC family. Coming to college made me realize that I am at the point of my life where I begin building my future. The classes offered are designed to help you accomplish the goal of one day getting your dream job. Although taking University 101 is a requirement for Capstone freshmen, I believe that it is a valuable class that helps students transition from a high school atmosphere to a more difficult college setting. College is an exciting new time, but it comes with plenty of new responsibilities that one must adapt to in order to be successful. As stated before, coming to college is a time to build the foundation that will serve you for the rest of your life. I am coming to college because I want to become an orthodontist. Graduating from USC will hopefully allow me to enter dental school and pursue my ambitions. Upon graduating USC, I want to graduate with a high GPA. This along with the internships I plan on taking will increase my chances of getting into a dental school. When I graduate I also want to look back and have plenty of memories from college. In my time here I want to go to plenty of football games, tailgating events, and meet plenty of new people. A seminar is defined as a conference or other meeting for discussion or training. This fits our class perfectly because we discuss current events going on in the university and how we’re all adapting to everything. However, in order for this class to be successful everyone must participate and contribute to our talks. During this semester I will have to participate in discussions more frequently. I am going to have to work on this because I am usually a bystander when group conversations take place and end up listening to people talk instead of actually participating myself. During my time at USC, I hope to have a positive impact on this campus. I want to join several clubs that can improve the quality of life for all the students on campus. These clubs would help me bring awareness to issues such as