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Impulse Control Disorder

A person who is excessively anger [IED] has a disorder of engages an extreme, unwarranted angry outbursts. Their angry explosions are out of proportion, with the situation and result in physical assaults onto others or in acts that cause significant damage to property.
Compulsive Stealing (Kleptomania) 
People with kleptomania steal for the thrill of the experience. They usually do not need the items they steal and may even put them back after stealing them. They do not have a secret wish to be caught and do not steal because they need the items or seek revenge. Like other impulse control disorders, people with kleptomania experience a feeling of tension before they engage in the behavior and feel relief or pleasure afterward. More women than men have this relatively rare disorder.
Compulsive Fire Setting (Pyromania) 
People with pyromania experience the same buildup of tension before the act and sense of relief afterward. In this case, the behavior is setting fires. This disorder is more compulsive than impulsive compared to the other impulse control disorders, because it requires a bit more People with these disorders feel tension that builds to a high level before they engage in the behavior. Afterward, they feel a sense of release or perhaps pleasure. planning. People with this disorder do not set fires to benefit from insurance money or to seek revenge. They are usually fascinated by fire. Pyromania is rare, and people who have it set fires only infrequently.
Compulsive Pulling Out of Hair (Trichotillomania) 
Like the other impulse control disorders, trichotillomania involves a buildup of tension before the behavior and relief and pleasure afterward. This disorder is uncommon but less rare than pyromania and kleptomania. People with trichotillomania may pull hair from any part of the body; the hair on the head (including eyebrows and eyelashes) is the most common target. People with this disorder generally feel very distressed about it. It may result in a significant amount of hair loss, along with infection and…