Essay about My Men are My Heroes

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Subject: My Men Are My Heroes
1. This book is about 1stSgt. Kasal’s life leading up to his most honorable moment while in the battle of Fallujah. The book starts out by telling how 1stSgt. Kasal grew up in Afton, Iowa. He grew up on farm like most other families in his hometown. But with farming becoming obsolete in the shadow of large corporations, Brad Kasal already knew by junior high that he didn’t want to slave on a farm to barely scrape by like his father. He already had the Marine Corps in his sights. January 1984, Kasal left his hometown of Afton, Iowa and got a plane destined for MCRD, San Diego. Kasal shined right away and became a squad leader and was meritoriously promoted to Private First Class by graduation and instructed
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By the end of it all 1st Sgt Kasal receives seven gunshot wounds and 44 shrapnel wounds and somehow survived. 1stSgt Kasal was awarded the Navy Cross and promoted to Sergeant Major for his actions in Fallujah.

2. I found this book to be very inspiring. Even just in the beginning of the book you read about how is meritoriously promoted so many times in such a short time span. It shows how hard work is recognized and pays off. Being a hopeful career marine, it motivates me to always keep my head up and keep working hard.

3. If I had to give a class on this book but could only choose a chapter, it would probably be chapter 14 “the House of Hell.” Essentially the whole book is just a buildup to this firefight. As motivating as Kasal is, it’s this incident that made him a legend. It also speaks to his strength that he obtains so many wounds which should have killed him and he still treats his junior marine with his own medical supplies.

4. Nathaniel R Helms is a writer who lives in St. Charles, MO. He is a Vietnam Veteran and also served as a police officer. He also worked in newspapers, radio and television before retiring to become a teacher. I think the author is just a very proud veteran who has much respect for a fellow veteran and appreciates the great story of Brad Kasal. He did his service for his country, as his son is doing in the coast guard as