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My Motivations:
1. The activities that I do often and love to do them the most are, cleaning house I know a lot of people don’t like cleaning but it is something we all do, but for me I honestly love doing it. When I clean my house whether it is rearranging furniture or even decorating something different it allows me to keep my mind off of things that may be stressing me out that day, or keeps me from wondering so much about things I know I can’t fix at that moment, I also love to be on my computer, not only am I able to pay my bills online, I am also able to socialize and stay in touch with family and friends, when I am on the computer I also research other ways I can better myself and my goals in life.
2. The things that I do and that I don’t like to do a lot of but still find a motivation to do it is walk, when I didn’t have transportation the only way I was able to get to work, doctors or even get my kids to school was to walk, I know it is healthy to do so that is why I find a way to motivate myself to do it every now and then, but now that I have transportation I don’t like to walk at all, I just done so much of it.
3. The only real hobby I can honestly say I love to do over anything else is crafts and writing, I love to make things and decorate them, I love designing furniture and inside of my house, and writing well I am a person who loves to write, I do a lot of writing in my spare time, I love writing a journal, I also have over 250 poems that I have wrote, this helps me relief my mind from thinking about things that lead people to make wrong choices and it really helps me relief a lot of emotional thoughts that I can’t talk about.
4. When it comes to school work I love doing the subjects “Personal Living” and I love the Business class as well, these two have always been a favorite of mine, the reason I love the Personal Living is because it can teach me different things like how to relief stress, what causes stress, I learn about self-respect and much more, for the Business class I love doing it because in today’s world technology changes every day and as long as I am learning things about all the new technologies and the programs that go along with it, I can become better understanding in the business aspect of things, whether if I was to own my own business or I work for a company. The class that I don’t like to deal with is science I won’t say I hate it, but if I could avoid from having anything to do with it I would, I just can’t find anything interesting about learning about any type of nuclear, chemical, or anything