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Motivational Story:

My story takes place in the month of June 2012, at Northlands Bar & Grill, located at the base of Seymour Mountain, on a golf course, in Deep Cove. It is about my rise to becoming a manager at the restaurant/pub, in a short matter of time, through hard work and the help of my General Manager *****. This was one of the best learning experiences a job has ever given me and is a big part of my reasoning for going to school.
It all started when I was laid off of my previous job, due to them shutting down, as a bartender/waiter at Taylor’s Crossing restaurant and pub. Working at Taylor’s for two years gave me a comprehensive knowledge of the restaurant industry, and motivation to see where it could lead in another company. So I searched for a few months and finally came across an ad for Northlands. When the interview started the fist thing ***** said was, “I don’t usually hire guys (because it was a golf course restaurant) so don’t get your hopes up”. By the end of the interview we were both laughing and ***** told me something that put into motion my determination to succeed, “I have a good feeling about you”.
Over the fist three weeks, I learned how the daily workings of the restaurant went, and took notes on what could have been improved. It was after the third week that my true rush of motivation came. Aofie had came up to me and told me that what I have been doing around the restaurant was nothing short of spectacular and asked if I was interested in becoming her manager. This gave me a feeling I had never felt before, the fact that my work did not go unnoticed; it made me feel like I had achieved a life long goal I never knew was