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I thought the speech was amazing. Ken Robinson was very informative on his

knowledge of the education system in public schools nationwide. His main focus in his speech was to persuade the audience to acknowledge and appreciate creativities richness and diversity in school educational systems. Allowing our children to express themselves freely without stigmatizing their mistakes allows the child to fulfill their creative capacity and enjoy what they are truly good at. By doing this Robinson believed we could ultimately change the future monopoly of what is currently academically valued and place more value in the individual instead of what is economically valued in society. !

Robinson used humor as a technique to capture the audiences attention. I found it very

effective because educational topics can be rather sensitive issues to deal with. Robinson maintained a natural flow of incorporating his real target issues with underlining humor. Towards the end of his speech he gave his testimony with a heart felt story about Gillian Lynne. Even though Robinson incorporated humor the story was very inspirational. Without the humor I might have teared up. Telling this story was Robinson’s proof of evidence to support his claim.!

Overall I started out apprehensive about the speech because I had no prior knowledge

of what the speech was going to be about but Robinson constructed his thoughts and feeling very well. He presented himself as interesting…