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My communication skills over the pass years have been at ease for me. In my life I haven’t been very social communicating around people. When I am giving a speech to a class, I feel confident. Some of the time when I’m giving a speech, I tend to stumble across my words and also mumble too. It is not that I feel worried that I’m talking in front of people but sometimes I read too fast I stumble over words and I tend to repeat the sentence over again. That has been my problem ever since the first time I had to give a speech about a paper I did. Another problem that I have is socially communicating. At first I’m very shy around people for a good reason. When I’m around somebody I don’t know, I want to stay quiet and observe that person. I don’t want to say the unnecessary thing around someone or a group of people that I don’t know and it might offend them or make things awkward. When I’m around the same person more and more and I start to realize that I can communicate with them, I start to become more social and confident to them and then they start to become a personal friend to me.
The first goal that I want to work on is communicating in front of a class. I have to be calmer and take a more direct approach. I really have to focus on how to say my words more clearly and make it sound more understanding to my audience. In the past, I haven’t been very successful with how my word choice fits in with my paper and that I overlook words in my paper that I should add or take out. How I want to improve on this is that I need to organize my thoughts more. I should relax and take my time speaking because I don’t want to make myself sound like I’m panicking.
My second goal is communicating with others and how to relate to them. To become a good communicator I have to be more a talkative person. The only reason keeping me from doing that are my views on different people. I know talking is a good way of how to start a good relationship but there comes limits to what to say to a person. I want to approach a person in a good positive way and communicate with them on equal levels. Going out and being social to everyone that you don’t know would be a good thing if you are in college your first year and you want to get to know everybody. I have to say that my goal would be is be more social and outgoing. I’m a laid back person and I let things come to me but