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James Scott was a wealth Detroit real estate speculator and developer who lived from 1831 to 1910

Scott was A prankster, lazy, and eccentric bachelor with a passion for booze and frequently entertained women of “less moral fiber.”
In his book “The Buildings of Detroit: A History,” William Hawkins Ferry writes that Scott “had the reputation for being a vindictive, scurrilous misanthrope. … His enemies were legion, for he seemed to delight in feuds, lawsuits and practical jokes.”
James Scott inherited his money from his father — a successful real estate tycoon spending his days expanding his wealth through his shrewd real estate investments
James Scott never married and in 1910 the lifetime bachelor died not having any next of kin.
Scott was never viewed as a kind mind but in his last will and testament he left his massive inhertance to the city of detriot.

When he died in 1910, his vast estate was left to the city to build a monument for the people. Of course, his gift came with a catch: The city also had to erect a life-size statue of himself.
Although dead Scotts’s request to erect a life size staue of himself caused much controversy amogst the admistrators of Detriot. This controversy lasted for a period of time but finally Detriots Mayor Philip Breitmeyer said “I don’t believe the city has a right to insult any of her citizens by refusing a gift for such a good cause

As a results a nationwide compention to create a staute was held and Cass Gilbert a