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I think that time management is directly related to stress management. If you don't manage your time, there will likely be more chaos and stress in your life. For example, if you choose to procrastinate and complete a school project the night before it's due, you'll probably be very stressed about if you'll get it finished in time, whether you'll get a good grade, etc. Poor time management can lead to anxiety and unnecessary unease. I noticed that most of the time in my schedule goes into school and extracurriculars. However, not a lot of time goes into sleep, which is essential to a healthy lifestyle. One goal I have for managing my schedule is to spend more time sleeping and actually sleeping through my REM cycle. I'll be more alert and able to accomplish the next day's tasks more effectively. Whenever I do homework, I tend to dilly-dally by watching TV at the same time. I'll try to stay more focused on my homework by getting rid of any distractions (e.g. TV, phone, etc.). I'll put the extra time towards sleeping. Getting more sleep will prove my health by allowing me to be more alert and focused. I won't be so tired all the time and will be able to concentrate better.
A personal challenge that I want to address with the decision-making model is whether or not I want to get a job. I've realized that a lot of people my age already have a job, and I think that getting a taste of what it's like to work would be very beneficial. If I were to get a job, I could add work