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The Camping Trip of ‘05
Summer, a season that can mean various things to different people, but to me it only means one thing: camping. To me there is nothing more enjoyable than being surrounded by nature with nothing more than the necessities to survive. Every camping trip I take with my family is a memorable one, but there is one that I will remember for all time, the camping trip of ’05.
Because it was such a scorching hot summer day, my mother decided to take us to the beach near our campsite. The sun was beaming down on us, but we didn’t mind because the crisp breeze and the frigid water of the lake helped cool us down. My younger siblings and I were down by the lake blithely playing in the sand and splashing each other with water while my two older sisters were stretched out on the blanket playing with my one year old sister. My mother had noticed that we ran out of refreshments, and since our campsite was only about five hundred feet away she left my two older siblings in charge of watching us while she went to retrieve more beverages.
She was gone only ten minutes, and to our delight she returned with refreshingly chilled drinks just as promised. While my siblings and I were enjoying our sodas, a man approached my mother and spoke to her for a brief moment. All of a sudden my mother got an abashed look on her face and started packing up all our things.
I couldn’t understand why she would end our beach fun so early, seeing that it was still early in the