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When I graduate college, I will have my AAS degree as a pharmacy technician. With this degree, I will have a great career and be able to support my daughter without having any help from my parents. Having that college degree would make a big impact in my life because I’ll be making both my parents proud since I’ll be the first to graduate in my family. I will be able to prove everyone wrong who were talking down on me just because I had my daughter at such a young age. If I didn’t have a college degree, I would still be working as a cashier. I would still be wishing or even thinking what life would be for me in the future. Even with the help from my parents, I would still be struggling and live from paycheck to paycheck. I’ll be jealous of my friends who will graduate and think, “I could have been standing next to you at graduation”. I don’t want to think that way. I’ll feel like a failure and feel like I’ve failed everyone and people will still be talking down on me. I feel like struggling in high school just to graduate was just a waste since I’m not going to college to get a degree. When I was young, I knew I wanted to go to college, but since I had my daughter, I had to put college on hold. Now that she’s older and is going to start school soon, I decided it’s time for me to go back to school too. Life without a college degree is not what I want, I need that degree to make my daughters future better so that she’d be able to go to college too.

When I finally have that degree and get a career in the pharmacy tech field, I would be able to tell myself that I did it. Not only I will make my parents proud, but I will finally be proud of myself for accomplishing something that I