My Passion For Animals Research Paper

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Allisynn Resendez
My Passion for Animals
One ordinary summer afternoon, I decided I wanted to take my pet rabbit out side. Of course then, I was just a child so I didn’t understand, I took him outside and he just fell asleep. I decided to wake him up because I wanted to play with him. The thing is, he wasn’t sleeping, he was dead. I tried and tried to wake him up, but he just wouldn’t budge. I cried for my mother. She came and discovered that our poor rabbit had died in my arms.
Obviously I was heart-broken because poor Thumper was my baby, but that didn’t stop me from getting more animals. The more animals I got, the more I fell in love with them. I had and have varieties of pets, but I love dogs the most. Dogs are so mellow and they love to snuggle, the first dog I remember is my dog Pete. He was a pit bull and he loved to jump on the trampoline with me, I also remember his brother Frankie which was a pug. Sadly both of them ran away one sad night and never returned, but still, I got more animals.
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While we were eating she told me that she has a surprise waiting at home. I was very excited because I knew the surprise was a pet, little did I know, that would be the best day of my life. When I got home, I immediately said “Mom where is my surprise?” She took me down the hall and I saw the cutest animal I’ve ever seen. I saw a small white puppy wagging its tail, I immediately fell in love with him. My family and I decided to name him Spencer. Every single day of my life, I had to be with him. I took him when I went to my Dad’s house, he loved me and I loved him. I basically grew up with him, we were