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My Values Exercise The objective of this exercise is to help you clarify your values, or beliefs. Since our values and beliefs change from time to time, after reflection or certain events, it is useful to review and consider our values and beliefs regularly. This exercise is adapted from numerous instruments used to assess one’s values based on the ideas of Milton Rokeach, described in The Nature of Human Values, New York: Free Press, 1973.

Attached is a list of 49 values, beliefs, or personal characteristics for your consideration. The following steps should help you identify which are most important to you as guiding principles in your life. You might find it useful to determine degrees of importance by considering whether you would be upset or elated if your present state or condition in life regarding a particular value would be significantly reduced or increased. Sometimes, you might find it helpful to consider two values at a time, asking yourself about the relative importance of one over the other.

Whatever technique or method you use:

1) First, please identify the fifteen or so values that are most important to you, and mark them with an asterisk or circle them;

2) Second, from this list of fifteen or so, identify the ten that are the most important to you and write them on the lines on the following page;

3) Third, from this list of ten, identify the five that are the most important to you; and

4) Fourth, rank each of the five from “1” being the most important value to you to “5” being the least important of these five important values.

If you would find it helpful, you may want to rank the next five values (i.e., the “other five” from the list generated in step #2 above).

List of Values, Beliefs, or Desirable Personal Characteristics

ACHIEVEMENT (a sense of accomplishment, success, or contribution)
AMBITIOUS (aspiring to promotion or progress within career)
ADVENTURE (new and challenging experiences)
AFFECTION (love, caring)
BEAUTY (aesthetics in nature, art, or life)
BROAD MINDED (open-minded)
CHEERFUL (joyful)
CLEAN (tidy, sanitary)
COMPETENT (capable, effective)
COMPETITIVENESS (winning, taking risks)
COMFORTABLE LIFE (prosperous or easy life)
COOPERATION (working well with others, teamwork)
COURAGEOUS (standing up for beliefs)
CREATIVITY (being imaginative, innovative)
DISCIPLINED (self-controlled, restrained)
ECONOMIC SECURITY (steady, adequate income)
EQUALITY (egalitarianism in life, equal opportunity for all)
EXCITING LIFE (a stimulating or challenging life)
FAME (being famous, well known)
FAMILY HAPPINESS (nuclear and/or extended family that is happy)
FAMILY SECURITY (nuclear and/or extended family that is safe)
FORGIVING (willing to forget a judgment of others)
FREEDOM (independence, autonomy, free choice, self-reliant)
FRIENDSHIP (close relationships, companionship)
HAPPINESS (contentedness)
HEALTH (being physically and mentally well)
HELPFULNESS (assisting others, improving society)
INNER HARMONY (being at peace with yourself)
INTEGRITY (honesty, sincerity, genuineness)
INVOLVEMENT (participating with others, belonging)
INTELLECTUAL (conceptual, abstract, or symbolic)
LOGICAL (rational)
LOVING (affectionate, tender)
LOYALTY (duty, respectfulness, obedience)
MATURE LOVE (sexual and spiritual intimacy)
NATIONAL SECURITY (protection from attack)
ORDER (tranquility, stability, conformity)
PEACE (a world at peace, without war or conflict)
PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT (personal growth)
PLEASURE (fun, laughs, an enjoyable, leisurely life-style)
POLITE (courteous, well-mannered)
POWER (control, authority, influence over others)
RECOGNITION (social recognition, respect from others, status)
RELIGION (strong religious beliefs)
RESPONSIBLE (dependable,