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:// There once was a man named Napoleon Bonaparte, he was born on August 15, 1769 in
Napoleon was a French military and political leader during the French Revolution. And
Napoleon thought greatly of himself, he thought he was the best there ever was or would be, and that he could do whatever he wanted to do. In fact after gaining political power in France in 1799, he crowned himself emperor in 1804. Napoleon Bonaparte indeed was a powerful man who conquered many countries. He conquered northern Italy, Egypt (briefly), Spain, and liberated part of Poland and Lithuania.
He ruled directly over France, the Kingdom of Italy, the Confederation of Rhine (most of
Germany), Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Croatia, and the Netherlands. He also strongly influence Prussia and Austria. Because Napoleon was so powerful and taking over everything, it made him not well liked by other European leaders, because they were scared of Napoleon. However, the poor liked him because he made them feel equal. Of Napoleon’s many great accomplishments his Code Napoleon is the biggest one you’ll hear of. The code divided Civil Law into three categories; Personal Status, Property, and
Acquisition of Property, these were the main ideals of the French Revolution. They wanted the entire country to be equal despite whether one was rich or poor. The Napoleonic Code ensured that one would have a chance to gain wealth and status. Other than Great Britain,
Russia, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, every country in Europe has based some aspect of their laws on the Napoleonic Code. In 1812 Napoleon gathered nearly half a million soldiers from France and entered Russia, thinking he’d be able to conquer this too. However he soon realized this was not going to turn out well. The Russians began a strategic plan of retreat and harassing the flanks of the French. As
Summer wore on, Napoleon’s army became thinner and