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"Peeta, Peeta!" I scream as my eyes slowly come to life. I smell fear as I begin to tremble, it all seems like an everlasting story in which safety plays no part. I look around just to find myself in a room besides Peeta and Finnick as well as Johanna. I feel rest assured as my mission, dying wish, and my promise has been completed, Peeta is alive. As I turn towards Peeta, he slightly presses his lips toward mine to silently indicate everything will be fine. "Where are we?" I ask them still sounding weak as the shock took most of the energy out of me. Finnick replies slowly but very frightened " Beetee has been killed, the others are gone as well." As he says that, all three of them burst into tears and I, unknown of anything begin to ponder about Gale, Prim , and mother. What if something happens to them, they need me and I need them? I gaze into Peeta's eyes which protray nothing but sorrow and agony. Finnick at this point breaks down as he looks to Johanna for support and for once, she understands.I begin to have watery eyes as I could not longer see their pain. I gently ask them "who were the others?" As much as I wanted to yell at them, I knew this was not the right time. They all looked at each other as trying to figure out who would tell me the painful truth. "They procescuted everyone, there were no survivors. The rebellion from all the districts was so powerful, they had no other option, they destroyed everything. Katniss, I am sorry but Prim, Gale, and your mother are no longer in this world." Peeta said with misery in his eyes. My world just ended, it felt like now I had no purpose to stay alive. I tried to be strong but these tears, these damn tears wouldn't hold back, they came rushing down my face like a waterfall. Before I knew it, I broke down, my brain collasped, and I was broken inside and out. Peeta knew how I felt, he knew I just lost my mother, my sister Prim whom I loved the most, and Gale my pretend cousin but the love of my life. But he also lost his loved ones and so did Finnick, and so did Johanna. But I couldn't accept this truth, it was too horrifying for me, was it really true, were they really gone? "Is there is no way to save them, WE HAVE TO SAVE THEM!" I screamed angrily as in a blink of an eye I was boiling, my face was burning red, I was quivering, and before I knew it Peeta slapped me across my bare, fragile cheek. "STOP, nothing can be done now. It's the truth which we have to face. They are gone, GONE you hear me!" Peeta replied boldly. Peeta was right. there was no use of mourning over them now, they were all gone. It was all because of these stupid Hunger Games, I hate them, they ruined everything. I look to Peeta for comfort, I wasn't angry he hit me but I was grateful he did atleast I still had someone who cared for me. He look over at me and gave me a long and tight hug and he whispered "Sorry". I looked at Finnick who still was upset and asked " Finnick and Johanna, are you alright? They shot me an eye and I apologized. I began wondering why we were still kept alive. I guess Finnick read my mind as he reveiled the entire situation. "Haymitch, who we considered to be our adviser betrayed us, he and some other men perhaps the people who trapped us in this room revealed how the Quater Quells was nothing but a big plan to kill everyone. They knew everyone would revolt after your and Peeta's games and they took advantage of that. They sent us all in thinking Peeta and you would be the only remainders of the games but that plan failed as the four of us stayed united as one. When this