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According to, “just 40 percent of Americans have finished an associate's degree or above”. I plan to be in that forty percent. My goal in life is to become a doctor, it has been since I was three years old. My family used to call me Dr. Olivia because I was so intent on fixing wounds and making people feel better. National Honor Society will catapult me towards this goal and more, making my dreams of becoming a doctor come true. I would be a noble candidate for National Honor Society because of my hardworking, reliable and responsible nature, and my passion for helping people.

A representation of my hardworking nature is the fact I balance my job, volunteering, school, and being on the soccer team at the same time while maintaining a three point nine grade point average. I am reliable, always showing up for work on time and being there for the soccer team. I always do my homework and come prepared for class. All of my teachers can tell you that I am a good student and contribute to the class for the better. Never have I fallen asleep in class or interrupted class time with distractions. I ask pointed questions directly related to the current topics and always raise my hand to answer questions the
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There is college, medical school, and residency, all within ten years. There are options of how to get your M.D., one of which is to join the army and go through school at the same time. Helping me get into college, and affording it through scholarships with the National Honors Society would benefit not only me, but the country if I decide to go through the army, which I am considering. Even after I get my degree, I will continue to help people by being a part of Doctors Without Borders, an organization that pairs doctors with people in need of medical care in third world, or war ridden countries. I plan to be a member of the Doctors without borders community, and work to help people that need medical care at no