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Chavon Gardiner
May 19, 2015
Carrie O’Donnell
There are many obstacles that I face daily with making school a priority. The most personal obstacles that stand in my way is arranging my time to be wife, mom, and housekeeper so can set time for school. I would say the biggest obstacle is my son he is seven he does not understand mom working on schoolwork. He wants me to spend time with him. Professionally my obstacle is a full-time job because I am not in the same place every day, and I do not have the same hours every day. Sometimes this becomes very challenging some days I have access to a computer where I can work on assignments during my prep and other times I do not. When I do not have access, I am up at five o'clock in the morning so I can get assignments done before I go to work. Being up at five o'clock every day makes me exhausted; which in turn makes doing everything I need to get done harder including my assignments. There are a few things that I find challenging in academics two things that come to mind are not knowing the right words to use, and where to put my punctuation in the required places. In December, I know the hard thing for me will be the math. I struggle with math and so I know I will need a tutor not just online through the college but someone face to face. For that challenge, I will have to arrange a time that I can meet with my tutor. I will also still need to accomplish everything in my personal, and professional life.
When I look at the priorities that I need to set I write them down from most important to least important. For example this weekend we have a family friend coming into town that we have not seen in a few years. To prepare for him to come, I have things I need to accomplish before Friday. These things include school, work, baseball, cleaning, shopping, and other daily responsibilities that will need to be completed. So first I will sit down and make a list on one side most important on the other least important. As I make this list, then I will plan how I will complete everything in a timely manner. For this week, I decide that the most important thing was to get my assignments completed first. The second thing I will do is clean my home, and between that I will be working. Then I will go shopping and complete whatever else needs done on a daily basis. I placed taking my son to baseball this week as my lowest priority because I felt that I needed to complete other things first. It is imperative to know what things you need to complete before others, or it will be hard to succeed.
A student can use multiple strategies to prioritize academic responsibilities. One of the first strategies that can be used is to purchase a student planner so they can keep track of any assignments and tasks that need to be completed. Someone could also