Negative Effects Of Listening To Music

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Positive effect of listen to music

When we talk about the music, music is art and science that entertained, happy, unwinds and listener get the benefit in direct and indirect by listening to music. Music is like a friend that the part of humans since past and present. Often found in ritual, praying, celebration, festival because music can be conveyed emotion that easy to recognize and result to happiness. Many people ask questions that why is music important. Of course! it's good effect and important for the listener because in daily life, music have contributed to do many activities such as listen to music while driving a car, dance, do housework and do something that seem to be boring. Have many researchers explain and studied about how
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It can call that music therapy. Music therapy can be treated patient suffering and improve skill in the physical of medical. Music therapy has for several years and research about music therapy for over fifty years. The source of research from Buck Walter (1985) found that “Music can cause physical changes to the body in treat of medical condition such reduce stress and pain relief that help state of mind and better humored.” A number of many study show that the advantage of music therapy for pain relief include cure cancer. According to Bonica & Lipman (1980) proves that “the prevalence of pain in cancer patients have ranged from 20-90% and increasingly a significant problem as 60 90% of patients” Zimmerman and colleagues (1989) found that “music can help reduce pain in patients with cancer because when we listen to music, the brain is secreted Endorphin that make happiness and relax” Music therapy is used in hospitals, operating room, ICU because patients have a very high concern in these places. Music therapy is used in hospitals, operating room and ICU because patients have a very high concern in these places. Both can reduce these symptoms by music. Type of music in music therapy must slow song and noise. So music is a suitable treatment for many …show more content…
Music is like a friend in times of loneliness, happy or sad. Music contributes to the changes of mood. For example, source of research from Lille Taruffi & Stefan Koelsch’s (2010) point is that “people listen to sad music lead to beneficial emotional effects such as regulation of negative emotion and mood as well as consolation” nevertheless , it's not always true because if you choose a song that easy listening. These music makes a feel relaxing may be a pop song, jazz, instrumental music or rock. When people are happy and have to fun. Moreover, there will cause the others good effect. For example, music can be personality development of self-confidence, music can be managed in emotions such as listen to pop song may make feel joyful or listen to slow song may feel comfortable. According to Dr. Thurman (1981) maintain that “Mothers are pregnant that listen to music in everyday make babies has a high IQ and healthy” many good thing these are shows that music is affecting mood and senses of