Essay about Negative Thoughts Towards Officers of the Law

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Negative Interactions

Immoral acts are committed everyday by people in all professions. Society expects officers not to act immoral due to having taken oaths and supposedly having the best interest of the people.
I was in a situation about a year ago when I had a negative thought about an officer myself. The incident involved a highway patrol man. I was driving down the street and came up to an intersection where I needed to go left. The light was red so I stopped. The car across from me had the signal on to go right. As I waited for the car to turn, a motorcyclist sped around the car as I was turning and hit the right side of my car. He and his bike fell to the ground. I got out of the car along with some other people that saw the accident. I asked him if he was okay and he said yes. I then called 911 to report the accident while some other people also checked on him. When the police officer arrived at the scene he directed our vehicles out of the road without inspecting the vehicles and proceeded to writing a statement. The police took our license and insurance information and then walked over to take a statement from the guy driving the motorcycle. After he received a statement from the guy he walked to his vehicle. As I waited patiently for the officer to come over and get my statement I noticed him walking over to the guy with two yellow pieces of paper and a blue piece of paper. He gives the guy one yellow sheet and shakes his hand. The guy gets back on his motorcycle and drives off then the officer comes over and gives me the second yellow piece of paper and the blue piece. The yellow paper stated that I was in fault of the accident and the blue piece of paper was a ticket. I asked the officer if he was ready to take my statement; he looked at me and then walked away. The guy had no damages to his motorcycle nor himself but my vehicle had to be towed from the scene. The officer didn’t take any statements from witnesses either. The officer got in his vehicle and drove off. He didn’t even ask if I had a cell phone to call a tow truck or even wait until he saw that I had a way home. I was lucky because my brother in law owns an automotive shop right around the corner from the accident so he towed my car and took me home. My brother in law even had to repair my car but I had to pay for it out of pocket because the ticket stated I was at fault. My car had minor repairs but it costs over $500 to get repaired. The front tire axle was pushed completely under the car and it has a few dents and scratches. I was furious but there was nothing more I could really do. I didn’t have any injuries but having to pay for my vehicle out of pocket was enough mental injuries to me. This was something that wasn’t in my budget at the time but I had to come up with the money because I still had to go to work and my vehicle was my only transportation.
When I made it home, I contacted my State Farm, my insurance provider and gave a statement to them regarding my accident. They then called and got a statement from the man that was on the motorcycle. Since I didn’t believe it was my fault they opened an investigation on the accident. After about 3 months they declared that the accident may not have been my fault and no extra charges were added to my insurance bill. I was very thankful but I still had to pay for my car and the ticket that the officer gave me.
I thought that the correct procedure was that the officer is supposed to stay on the scene of the accident until all parties are gone but that didn’t