Neolithic Period Essay

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Taylor Schleyer
Professor Harris
Art History 1
September 16, 2012
Art History 1: Essay Points
The Neolithic Period (or New Stone Age) was the beginning of archaeological systems that revolutionized civilizations and brought forth new innovations in technology for future development and growth. Neolithic comes from the Greek word, ‘neo’ meaning ‘new’ and ‘lithic’ meaning ‘stone.’
This period began with civilizations depending on harvest crops and the domestication of wild animals and plants in order to continue their food growth. Wheat and barley became one of the most dependent primary food sources. Sheep, pigs, goats, cattle, and various breeds of dogs that were known to be wilder now became domesticated in order to help further the development of agricultural technology for human life. This advancement in technology began to spread further Middle East towards India and into Europe. Eventually, irrigation and farming spread all throughout Egypt along the Nile, which provided an abundant source of water to help preserve and grow wheat and barley. Human population grew rapidly thus expanding human life throughout the world. Towns and villages began to appear and expand more east as populations grew over the thousands. More people adapted to a sedentary lifestyle by means of creating tools for building and harvesting; making production of agriculture more efficient.
With the new innovations of tools, the advancement in technology, and the agricultural growth, a social differentiation steadily rose. The introduction to trade began as people created a market for every day commodities. The commodities consisted of early forms of pottery,