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Reason 5
Learning a second language often develop better skills in numeracy and literacy. Learning a second language can help to increase problem solving, divergent thinking and memory skills.

obvious advantage than someone who doesn’t.
Reason 4
At first, every teenager thinks French is boring, but little do they know French would one day come in handy through their life. Being oblivious, learning French helps you understand your own language more. French is a easy topic to learn if you practice like how you practise new words that you learn that are English. Many Languages have contributed towards the development of English. Learning different languages can help you on grammatical structures are from and help you to expand your vocabulary. Facts say that French was large donor of foreign words in English. This increases the number of English words you know, since 50% of current English vocabulary originates from French.
Reason 2
Learning to speak and new language can form or build a new relationship/ friendship as you get to talk to them in the language and you and your friend bond. Being able to learn a new language opens one’s mind to new surroundings, ideas and new extraordinary ways of looking at the world.
Reason 3
Speaking more than one language can come as a skill, and not many people around the world get to experience it. Learning a different language can come in handy such as, employers in industries with international connections such as, engineering, banking, teaching, and commerce and translating.