Newspapers in an Electric World

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We live in an electric world with everything at our disposal with a simple click of a button and with all the new things we gain everyday in life you have to sit and wonder whether something’s are still relevant/needed in this digital world. Newspapers have been evident since the 1500’s and they have been in our lives ever since we can remember and they were the main way of spreading news around the world. The way we access news today is completely different from just a few years ago. A news article on the subject of news consumption did a study in 2006 and determined that 41% of people obtained there news from a news paper and only 37% obtained it from online media sources however a recent study from 2010 shows that 61% of people get their news from online media sources and now 50% of people access there news from a local paper so even though the news paper consumption has increased it has been over taken by the online consumption and it makes you think whether the news consumption will soon end up being nothing but TV and Online news consumption so it leads back to the question of whether Newspapers are still needed.
So why haven’t newspapers been eradicated from our time already? It would be because of such groups like newspaper production plants including its workers and readers of newspapers which would consist of people from a large quantity of the baby boomer generation as they grew up they did not have such accessible news as we do and the way they accessed it was through newspapers. So to think of cause and effect of getting rid of newspapers we would way in the pros and cons, of course one would mainly consider the cons as it would first come to mind that many people would be deprived