New Civilization Emerges In Western Europe

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Study Guide
Chapter 10: New Civilization Emerges in Western Europe

The following terms, people, and events are important to your understanding of the chapter. Make a note card for each of the following terms that includes the definition and at least three major concepts connected to each. They must be hand written and no words from the front can appear on the back. For example if the term Great Wall of China is given, you can not use Great, Wall, of, or China on the back of the card. 3”x5” notes cards or 4”x6” are acceptable.

Vikings Manorialism
Black Death feudalism Clovis
Charlemagne Carolingians Charles Martel
Holy Roman Empire William the Conqueror Crusades
Hundred Years’ War Pope Urban II guilds
Investiture Thomas Aquinas Scholasticism
Hanseatic League Magna Carta parliament

Further notes need to be taken on the Following AP World History Themes and Skills

Theme 1: Interaction between humans and the environment: (Population patterns and impacts of disease, Migrations, Patterns of settlement, Technology)

Theme 2: Development and interactions of cultures: (Religions, Belief systems, philosophies, ideologies, Science and technology, Arts and architecture)

Theme 3: State building, expansion and conflict: (Political structures and forms of governance, Empires, National and nationalism, Revolts and revolutions, Regional, trans-regional, and global structures and organizations)

Theme 4: Creation,