Notes On Pitch 2 Essay

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Notes on Pitch 2:
 This is the 2nd of three preliminary pitches. Don’t waste any precious seconds on the Opportunity, Solution, or the Management team: These have already been presented in Pitch 1. You can re-present these in your 4th and Final Pitch.
 Team members are not required to present identical pitches: Yet, they can present identical pitches if they choose. The optimum judgment rests with each entrepreneur team member. Consensus on content can be later worked out in the submitted business plan. Inconsistencies between team members’ pitches are forgiven, at this point.
 Percentages of 90 seconds: Business Model (20%), Industry Facts (40%), Marketing Strategy (35%), Opening and Close (5% combined). …these are broad guidelines.
 Business Model: …the high level major input, transformational, and output processes. Very high level, and very brief at this point. Only what VCs really need to hear. Business models are further developed after a Business Plan is written.
 Industry: …very quickly present findings that strengthen the argument that investors should invest in your business. Only findings that shed light on the probability of success of the firm should be included here.
 Marketing strategy: …in which target market will you operate, who is your niche market, what is your niche strategy, how are you differentiated, what is your pricing strategy(s), how will you broadcast to the market of buyers and consumers…