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The concert I attended was Fall Out Boy that took place June 22, 2013. The show was at a venue in Salt Lake City called “In the Venue”. Before attending this concert I didn't really know much about the band, and I kind of wrote them off just by what I read about them. The band is an american rock band who began as an underground hardcore group, but when going mainstream they mellowed out to just a rock/punk music style. The band consists of four members; Patrick Stump (lead vocals, guitar), Joe Trohman (lead guitar), Pete Wentz (Bass), and Andy Hurley (Percussion). This band is widely seen as a pop punk band, pop rock, and also emo. The band is very presentable and plays a heck of a show.

The band Fall Out Boy has been influenced by a lot of artists such as Green Day, the Ramones, Metallica, and Gorilla, as a group but different band members also have their own so called influences. Patrick Stump mentioned in a 2002 interview that he grew up listening to artists such as David Bowie, Prince, and Michael Jackson in which he said he was greatly influenced by them. Fall out boy has noticeably been influenced by many more groups by borrowing chord sequences from other popular songs for example, they used the chord sequence from the song “Buba O' Riley” by The who.

Throughout the show the band used a plethora of different instruments which gave every song a unique difference. The instruments consisted of both electric and acoustic guitars, several different basses, a single drum kit drums, a full sized piano, and some computer or disk jockey created beats. Every song is unique in its own way, no two songs sound the same. Some tunes were fast paced and loud while others were fast and mellow and just very different from the others. The use of different instruments sets the tone for the song. When the stage crew handed the guitarist an acoustic guitar the crowd knew that the song isn't going to be as loud, fast, or hardcore as the previous tune played