Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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Module 3 Assignment:

1. For me, the risk factors of cardiovascular disease include my physical inactivity and occasional stress. To remedy this, I plan on doing more aerobic exercises to exercise my heart and finding relaxation techniques to avoid undergoing anymore stress.

2. When it is confirmed that the victim is unresponsive, the victim shows symptoms of a life-threatening condition and when 911 has been called, the CPR process can begin.

3. For adults, the compressions occur at the sternum (in between the nipples) and the compressions are to be 2 inches deep (2/3 the length of your finger) at a rate of 100-120 compressions every minute (the beat of Stayin’ Alive is a good way to remember the rhythm) and both hands are to be used. For
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If the victim has a medical patch, the patch must be removed and the victim’s chest must be wiped clean of medicine before administering AED.

8. When the victim is unresponsive and is not breathing normally the AED is used by placing one pad to the lower right of the collarbone and to the right of the breastbone. The second pad is placed to the lower left of the left nipple, but above the lower rib area.
When the AED is on, do not touch the victim. If a shock is advised by the AED, tell everyone to stay clear and administer the shock. Afterwards, resume CPR until the AED advises another shock after 2 minutes.

9. Child AED’s have lower energy shocks than adult AED’s. Child AED’s are also distinct in appearance than adult AED’s, as the child AED’s tend to be smaller. They also have pink connectors and teddy-bear emblems. Child AED pads are placed on the front and back of the child’s chest unlike Adult AED pads which are both placed on the chest.

1. Stand behind the victim with 1 leg forward between the victim’s legs.
2. Locate the navel with one finger and grasp a fist and press the thumb side just above the navel. Grasp the fist with your other hand.
3. When ready, thrust inward and upwards with quick thrusts. Continue until the victim expels the