Nt1310 Unit 4

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Which of the following certifications is the de facto requirement for entrance into the PC industry?
B - CompTIA A+

John loves the Internet and wants a career working on the machines that make the Internet work. He has completed both ComptTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications. Which of the following certifications would make a good next step?
A - Cisco Certified Network Associate

Which of the following exams focuses on installing, configuring, and maintaining all the standard hardware technology involved in a personal computer?
B - CompTIA A+ 220-901

At which of the following Websites can you register to take the CompTIA A+ certification exams?
D - www.vue.com

How many exams must you pass to become CompTIA A+ Certified?
B - Two

How much practical IT
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What do you do?
C - Politely ask your client to remove the child from your work area

After replacing a keyboard a user has spilled coffee on for the fifth time, what should you say to the user?
I can’t guarantee the new keyboard will work if it gets dirty.

When is it appropriate to yell at a user?
D- Never

What’s the best practice when working inside a system unit removing and installing components?
C - Place components on the motherboard to keep them grounded.

Which of the following tools would you find in a typical PC tech’s toolkit?
A, B - Phillips head Screwdriver and Torx wrench

What term describes the flow of a static electrical charge from a person to the inside of the PC?

At what point during a repair should you escalate the problem?
D - When you have tried all your theories and still can’t resolve the problem

You have been working all afternoon on a user’s workstation and you have finally fixed the user’s problem. What should you do next?
B - Invite the user to sit down and use the computer to make sure the problem is completely gone from the user’s