Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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Sacred Heart College uses a variety of different drives to store and manage the data. Every student and teacher have a H Drive which is only accessible by that person using a username and password. The main use for this drive is for students and teachers to have access to their own files and to save their own work through the drive. The capacity of a student’s H Drive is 1.22 TB and is the responsibility of the student to manage their own disk space. The student H Drives are set up when a student is enrolled at Sacred Heart College. The students also have a S Drive which can be accessed by all students which is used to provide students with any files they need to complete work. This also has the capacity of 1.22 TB. The administer at Sacred Heart College use a server-based application called Active Directory Users and Computers. It is an …show more content…
This is known as the retrieval and can done through either security or access. Security limits the number of people who can view data. This usually requires a login or code to see the data. For example, if I want to access any work that I have done or my grades I have to use a username and password to login to my account in order to gain access to my information. The only other people that can access these documents are my teachers. You also must make sure that the people who need to view a document are able to. For example, if all the students in a class need to access any documents then the teacher will need to make sure that the document is stored in a place where all the students can access it and no other students can, like a class folder which is only accessible by students enrolled in that class. Or for example my English class has a one note page which is accessed through Microsoft and only the students in my class and my teacher can see