Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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To fulfil the requirements presented by Chipset the design for the proposed network is incorporating a EtherChannel connection between switches in order to duplicate the bandwidth and ensure the quality of services like VoIP and Video conferencing. As a safe measure, a spare EtherChannel is proposed in order to safeguard any malfunction or cable damage that may occur, in addition some extra EtherChannel connections will be present to create alternative paths between switches to ensure the uptime of the network if any switch malfunction. This is achieved by using the STP protocol which insures that only one phat is active in order to prevent redundancy and loop of traffic. As an improvement, I propose the use of RSTP as it out performs the STP …show more content…
Nonetheless this type of configuration is preferred since is better suitable for the Chipset network in order to allow the communication from this new site to the servers and the already existent network in the first site. Therefore, with the use of the ACL this isolation between VLAN’s can be implemented as it acts as a firewall by filtering the traffic that passes thought the switch. The configuration to be done to the switches in terms of ACL will be to filter the communication between the rage of IPs from VLAN 10 and VLA20 in order to stop the communication between them. furthermore, this configuration will bring some advantages sense it allows the implementation of exceptional rules as it can filter traffic from range of IPs to Range of IPs, IP to IP, or IP to Range.
Other security protocols that are going to be also implemented in switches will be the Port security that allows us the ability to lock the ports to a list of MAC addresses and therefore removing the possibility of someone connecting an unauthorized device to a