Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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The contents of this Site Book document the configuration of the systems which are currently within the network. The network consists of two subnets and connected by a pfSense router. Each subnet contains a Windows Domain managed by a Domain Controller. The Domain Controllers provide the DNS and DHCP services in addition to Active Directory authentication. An Identity Management server is hosted on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 server which provides cross realm user authentication. The same server also hosts the network storage locations using the Samba service. The Domain Controllers and Identity Management server are configured to engage in a Forest level transitive trust. Three client machines join the servers with a Windows 7 client in each …show more content…
This Policy’s scope is Authenticated Users and the Finance group. All Group Policy Objects in both domains are managed by the user jrsysadmin@lws3955.group11.edu whose password is ‘Password1’. The specific configuration of each GPO can be found in the GPO Configuration section of the Appendix.Two Password Security Objects are enforced within both Windows domains. The first has the highest precedence and is intended to set the standard for the lowest acceptable passwords for domain accounts. The second PSO has a lower precedence than the first, but still allows for future increases in password security. The higher precedence PSO is enforced on the Domain Users group in both domains. The lower precedence PSO is applied to the Finance group in both domains. The specific configuration of these PSOs can be found in the PSO Configuration section of the Appendix.The DNS server don't need to be installed locally, but in this case to facilitate and get configuration files in just one place, we installed a Bind DNS service locally in the IdM