Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment

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# Krystiana(Christian)Collins 5/4/2017
# Python Pizza
# this program ask work as if it is a site where a user orders pizza and other products

import re import sys
# some menu option names and costs is derived from PizzaHut's site max_products = 5 delivery_tax = 3.00 products_available = ({"name": "Cheese Pizza", "price": 11.49}, {"name": "Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza", "price": 13.49}, {"name": "Supreme", "price": 16.49}, {"name": "Stuffed Crust Supreme", "price": 18.49}, {"name": "Premium Garden Veggie Pizza", "price": 16.49}, {"name": "Stuffed Crust Premium Garden Veggie Pizza", "price": 19.49},
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(must only contain letters):" ) print("-------------------------------------------------------------")

# this is mean to have the user to enter their number and adress, assuming the user picked delivery if not order.pickup: order.address = get_input( r"[ -/\w]+$", "Where will this order be delivered?:") print("-------------------------------------------------------------") order.phone = get_input(