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Maximising my opportunities at UoB

Name: Nalinad Tungsanimidsakul
Student ID: 1217133

Lecturer : Deena Ingham
Communication Skills units
LNG992, LNG994 and LNG996
Assignment 1

University of Bedfordshire
21st October 2012

Maximising my opportunities at UoB
I have come to UK to study because I want to develop further for my nursing career in master degree and also develop for my English skills. I think, studying in UK will give me an experience in using English language with a native speaker which I can develop listening and speaking skill more than stay in my own country. I would like to speak English accurately. As my nursing career, I would like to exchange my working experience with a nurse from other country and also learn more about the health care system in UK. As a result, I can use to develop with health care system at my home in the future.
The benefits that I want to develop from this experience are using better of English skill and getting new knowledge in nursing career from exchanging with over sea students. I wish, I will have a chance to speak and listen with a native speaker which will help me to pronounce in a right way. As a writing and reading, I think, I will know more vocabulary for using in writing and reading and can develop my essay writing as an academic level. For my reading, I wish, I would like to read quickly and easily understand more than in the past. As a nursing part, I think, I will gain more knowledge and experience from my friends in the class, and also learn more about the culture of patient from difference country which I can adapt in my nursing career in the future when I work with many patients from different place in my own country.
I can achieve development in these areas by pay attention to my study. I have to practice more and more in English skills especially writing skill because I have to practice this experience to write my dissertation. I should be more resolute to contact with a native person in my daily life to develop my listening and speaking skill. As a reading skill, I should read more in newspaper, advertisement