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11 September 2013
Pursing My Dreams The day my mother sauntered into my room and told me she got a position volunteering at Methodist Hospital, I was inspired. I could see myself being a NICU nurse (neonatal intensive care unit) in a couple years. In the past, I took medical terminology to help me figure out if this is something that would interest me. After my summer of volunteering at Methodist Hospital, I realized that my passion lies in nursing. Being able to assist others, and helping where needed fulfilled my altruistic nature. I am now currently enrolled in Anatomy and Physiology and Child Development to help me pursue my goal as a Nurse. I signed up for Anatomy and Physiology because it is helping me learn about the anatomical systems. I was also informed that it was a college course, and now I will be more prepared for the course when I encounter it again in college. I am currently studying the human body system and it how it functions. Currently, I am also enrolled in Child Development; this should help further my studies since I am specializing in Pediatrics. In this class, I will master CPR on a baby and learn how the fetus develops in the womb.
While volunteering at Methodist, it was a learning experience to help me determine which colleges to attend and the specific nursing programs my colleagues had attended. After attending a two year community college nursing program, I could then, sign a three year Kasper 2 employment contract with Methodist Hospital Systems, and they will give me $10,000 scholarship per year to complete my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I have decided to go to