Nutrition: Health Care and Spiritual Health Essay

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February 7, 2014
Jenkins Family
1) Overall wellness is composed of 5 individual dimensions of health. Health care professionals assess five dimensions of health to determine if an individual is reaching their optimal wellness and well-being. The goal is to find a good balance between all 5 dimensions, and continuously pursue symmetry between each of them. The Five dimensions include physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual health.
Tyron Jenkins is a 49 year old African America / Hispanic male who is 5 '10 and weights 225 pounds. According to the Center of Disease Control, Tyron's Body Mass Index is 32.3 BMI which categorizes him as being obese (CDC, 2011). Tyron works out just about every Saturday morning for one hour at the Gym and has reported smoking less than one pack of cigarettes a week. As a condition of his job, Tyron received a physical and his vital sign where as followed: Temperature was 98.6 degrees, Blood pressure was 148/92, heart rate 86, and respiration indicated a rate of 18. Moreover, at a recent health fair, his blood pressure was taken once again which indicated an increase in his levels.Tyron has a family history of hypertension and type two diabetes mellitus. This in conjunction with his high BMI and blood pressure increases his chance of becoming hypertensive or developing other cardiovascular diseases. Although Tyron's physical health may not be where he would like it to be, his intellectual health, on the other hand, is beyond reach. He attended Columbia University for his undergrad studies and graduated from Harvard Law School. His is an associate in a law firm in Las Vegas and he specializes in personal injury law. Tyron spends long hours at the firm because he plans to become full time partners in five years. Considering the information provided above, Tyron's social health has been lacking. Besides spending time with his mother(taking care of her) and working, Tyron's doesn’t really have a social life with others. This could play a factor in influencing his emotional health. The downside to his profession is that it could take a toll on his mental ability. His job can be stressful, and on top of that, being the eldest of his siblings, he feels its his responsibility to take care of his mother, which only amplifies the stress that he carries. Therefore, he resorts to less than one pack of cigarettes a week to help reduce his stress. Every once in a while, Tyron and his wife Pam attends a local Christian Church for spiritual health.
Pam Jenkins is a 36 year old female of the German/ Hispanic heritage. She was born in New Jersey. She is currently 30 weeks into her third pregnancy. She married he first husband Jim, and together they have twins daughters. Currently the girls are nine years old. Pam divorced her first husband while the girls were two years old, only because Jim had a drinking problem and periodically gambled his entire paycheck. Pam raised her daughters as a single mother until the girls were six years old, that’s when she married Tyron Jenkins. They both have another child together named James who is currently two years old and thriving as a healthy baby. However in retrospect, he was born premature and only weighted three pounds at birth. Pam picked up the habit of smoking while she was a single parent. According to WebMD, smoking while pregnant may effect the baby significantly in many ways, one in particular states that the nicotine, carbon monoxide and other poisons that is inhaled from cigarettes "increases the risk of the baby being born prematurely and/or born with low birth weight." Therefore, James could have been a victim to this factor. Pam's emotional health has been strained due to the failure of her first marriage. She uses smoking cigarettes as a means for reducing her stress levels. Pam's husband Tyron works many hours at the law firm, therefore, she has to take the responsibility to take