Nutrition Myths Essay example

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In result, I wouldn’t drink any kind of fluids before I did any kind of physical activity, but all this time I’ve been risking my health by putting myself in a situation that could make me extremely dehydrated. I learned that not only was that a myth but that cramps from physical activity is often cause by actual dehydration, and from an imbalance of blood electrolytes like calcium, potassium, and sodium. In addition, another myth I used to believe was that the more protein someone would consume, the more muscles they would be able to form. It was always more difficult for me to build muscles and I assumed it was because I did not have enough protein in my diet, so I started to over indulge in protein to help my efforts in building muscles. Quite the opposite, I learned that an unnecessary amount of protein in a person’s diet has not been proven to build more muscle, but an excess of protein can lead to many health risks. A good deal of protein can actually damage the liver excessively and can cause kidney problems as well because of the basic metabolic effort that is required to use protein for energy. Furthermore, I have not realized the unhealthy dietary practice I have been doing for the past couple of years involving sugar. The amount of sugar I’ve been consuming on a daily basis has been on the unhealthy side. A reason behind this urge of sugary foods is the large amount of commercials involving desserts and many other media that influences my food decisions every…