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Intro to journalism

Election Viewing Party

TUESDAY- On Tuesday night history was made, the first African American president was re-elected for another four terms first time ever that a African American president has served not one but two terms. A group at American International College titled P.O.W.E.R was in charge of the party that allowed the viewing of the election on Tuesday, which was held in the stinger a pub located on campus. P.O.W.E.R is a diverse group on the American international college campus which means Political Opinions Will Enable Reality, the students who were part of this organization stressed the fact to vote and wanted everyone’s voices to be heard about this major election. “It was a close race we were all sitting anxiously waiting for the final results,” said Toneisha Mendes a senior here at AIC. Along with Toneisha were several other students who gathered around the 4-plasma screen TV’s placed in the stinger for the viewing of the election. The party was a huge success, which included beverages, and food to serve to the viewers. Students filled the vicinity as soon as doors opened at 8pm that Tuesday night, students of all different ages and races came together to view what could be history in the making. “Mixed emotions filled the air,” said Melika Jackson a sophomore at AIC, students who were praying that Mitt Romney would win gathered around and chanted as polls should that he was leading the race, Obama supporters shook there heads and awed. But the race was far from over with, over 9 major states with more then 10 electoral voters in each state still waiting to cast votes the anticipation grew wild Obama chipped away at the lead over and over again “Its far from over Obama still has this in the bag there’s no reason to stress over something like this” said Clifford Wright a senior here at AIC. The polls were very close at one point but then again Romney seemed to be the fiercer competitor, up by more then 50 votes at one point students who were pro Obama began to lose hope and give up on the first African American president to repeat another term. Toneisha Mendes said “I hate that everyone is losing hope its not over Romney needs 270 votes we still have a while to go people need to get uplifted and fast!” As the polls kept coming in Romney continued to be the leading competitor the numbers were all on his side, it was looking more and more promising for him, but Obama was right on his hells nipping at the lead as hard as he could. It was a close fight indeed Romney gained more votes from the smaller states with less Electoral voters while Obama gained