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Eric Downs
3rd period
Barack Obama Biography

The election of Barack Obama as the forty fourth president of the united states is the greatest milestone in history.My paper documents the amazing things he has done in his life.When reading this paper we will know about some of the things he has done.When reading this paper we will be reading about his wife Michelle Obama,his daughters Malia and Natasha Obama as well.Alslo It will be information about his date of birth,accomplishments and education. Barack Hussein Obama was born in honolulu hawaii August 4th,1961.Barack Obama was born to a white american mother,Ann Dunham and a black kenyan father,Barack obama sr. After his mother remarried they moved to jakarta when Barack was six.While experiencing poverty in jakarta he returned to hawaii where he was brought up largely by his grandparents.When Barack was 10 he managed to get into punahou school, Hawaii’s top prep academy he was there 5th-12th grade .Barack also played Varsity Basketball. Obama left hawaii for college enrolling first at occidental college in Los Angeles for his freshman year and sophomore year.Then he attended columbia university in new york city his junior and senior year. He also graduated with a political science major in 1983.In 1989 Obama enrolled at harvard law school where he excelled as a student graduating magna cum laude and winning the election as president of the prestegious harvard law review for the academic year 1990-1991. He was also the first african american president to win the law review at harvard university.
After Obama’s first year at harvard he met Michelle Robison a princeton and