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Study Purpose:
This preliminary study accentuates score accuracy, validity, precision, as well as response burden of a modified approach to the assessment of functional mobility in children, by deviating with the full fifty nine item (Mob 59) version.
The subsequent notion came into view that the comprehensive assessment conducted in this study illustrates good comparability and validity, however with abridged precision in distinction to the full length form. Outcomes from this study suggest CAT yields accurate, valid, and efficient estimates of overall functional mobility scores in children.
Design for the study was a cross-sectional. Children varied from 6 month to 18 years of age. Moreover, the data base of longitudinal study of children who have done Mob-59 was used in the study.
The study samples eight hundred eighty one children who fulfilled the MOB-59. This retrospective sample integrated two groups. A normative sample with four hundred twelve healthy children between 6 months and 7.5 years of age, as well as clinical sample consisting of four hundred sixty nine children and adolescence ages 6 to 12 years who receives some sort of rehabilitation services.
The outcomes were measured in the end of the study. Mob-CAT 5 results were particularly different from Mob-59, Mob-CAT 15, and Mob-CAT 10 and couldn’t be considered accurate. Groups finished Mob-CAT with a very similar time results which was about 1minute 13 seconds. Furthermore, results showed that CAT models are very precise and valid. The accuracy of results might be lost if Mob-CAT will have less than 10 items. Nevertheless, results show that validity level will be expected to be the same for all Mob-CATs. Furthermore, for some participants a higher accuracy Mob-CAT may be needed which will contain more than 15 items.
Results were reported in terms of statistical significance. The analysis method was appropriate. Clinical importance was reported. In Both computer simulations (interclass correlation coefficient rang, .94-.99) and field administrations (ICC=.98) show that the Mob-CAT scores were in high concord with scores from the Mob-59.