Occupational Therapy Personal Statement

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Baneet Sra Activities that we engage in and the environments we interact with provide meaning to our lives. However, life events can create barriers which prevent some from a meaningful life. I believe that as an occupational therapist you can enhance someone’s quality of life by supporting them to adapt to their situation thus enabling them to achieve their goals. I first heard about occupational therapy while volunteering at an infant development program and once I did further research I realized that it is exactly the career I desired. My interest in both psychological and physical health has attracted me to occupational therapy. Through research, I also discovered that occupational therapy is both an art and a science, entailing the use of …show more content…
As a Health Science major, I have been able to gain insight from classes I have taken relating to mental health and child development. Life science and kinesiology courses have also sparked my interest in the way the human body works and I am passionate about further broadening my knowledge in this area. My undergraduate education has taught me critical thinking skills and instilled in me the work ethic necessary to succeed in graduate studies and beyond. In addition, I have also had the opportunity to work with children diagnosed with autism; working for more than one hundred hours as a Behavioral Interventionist in a clinical setting. I learned about the importance of providing positive support to eliminate or replace negative behaviors. Moreover, ongoing work at an infant development program has allowed me to interact with children who have a diagnosis or developmental delay and their families. This setting has exposed me to the different challenges certain individuals in the community face in all aspects of their everyday lives, including self-care and leisure activities. Together these experiences have improved my communication skills and allowed me to acquire skills required to establish a