Occupy Wall Street Essay

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Amro Saber

Occupy Wall Street

On September 17th, 2011 a group labelling itself as occupy wall street took to the streets. Motivated by the Arab Spring and sickened by the division of wealth in the United States, this movement aimed to show the world that they were not going to stand by while 1% of the country controlled the rest. Although nowhere near the amounts of protesters that were in Egypt or Tunisia, a few hundreds took to Zuccoti park and still tried to get their demands taken seriously. Their main bother was the fact that 1% of the US population has 99% of the wealth, and that corporations were getting government bailouts while middle class hardworking citizens were getting their homes foreclosed and losing thousands of dollars. They saw that the American dream was slowly slipping away from the hands of the majority of Americans while the one percent were making all their dreams come true. The aim of this group of people was to create a revolution, with which they can seize the power which currently belongs to the one percent. For years the 1% has had about 99% of the wealth, and with wealth came political power and favoritism from the government. Congress often gave corporations breaks due to lobbyists, while cracking down and raising taxes on hard working middle class citizens. Many of the companies owned by the 1% are capital intensive, resulting in loss of jobs for hundreds of the 99%. Although not clearly stated not by the Occupy Wall street movement, this may have been one of the reasons for their upheaval. In my opinion