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On the road to west, the beat people don't care so much about traditional values and moralities, and have no clear ideas and meanings of what they want to do, only pursue basic physical needs, such as eating, drinking, smoking, sightseeing, and even fornicating...etc. They live, but not in a decent way.

Some writings are very judgmental, for the purpose to erase their bad actions? For example:
1.“Everybody in America is a natural-born thief.”
2.“Everybody's a pimp.”

Also, something about “beat generation” from this book:

“They were like the man with the dungeon stone and the gloom, rising from the underground, the sordid hipsters of America, a new beat generation that I was slowly joining.”
Yes, among the characters in the book, Old Bull Lee seemed a thinker. He wanted to go back to the time of 1910:…the country was wild and brawling and free, with abundance and any kind freedom for everyone. His chief hate was Washington bureaucracy, second to that, liberals, then cops. (zt)

However, still in part 2, the aimlessness showed by this Beat Generation was so obvious and strong, and Sal reached his beatest time. In his deliriousness, he wanted to go back to 1750 in England and let Dickensian mother teach him lessens. So, Dickens also played a role with Beat Generation? and may be like an ancestor? But, ancester was just a dream; it's Dean that took him back. At the end of Part 2, Sal didn't know what he accomplished by coming to Frisco.

Even with his craze speeding, Dean had to drive one mile by one mile to cross or re-cross America; here, I must turn a page by a page to read this book and was so surprised to see the part 3 ending. Well, there is a part 4 waiting for me.

I agreed with your points. Furthermore, I think there is a pattern for the way of arousing of their enormous zest. Dean needs Slim Gaillard or wild Jazz to bring “IT” out, and Sal needs Dean to help to generate “IT”. Such kind of boiling energy